Smog Tests
We preform smog checks on every type of vehicle! If it can fit through our door (height: 8' 9") we can smog it. By choosing us, you can rest assured that you have some of the most talented people in the business inspecting your car. Just bring the vehicle down and let our friendly and experienced staff take care of the rest. No appointments necessary!

Smog Diagnosis and Repair
We know it can be a difficult time when your car fails it's smog inspection. For that reason, we offer very competitive pricing when it comes to diagnosis and repair. Most smog related problems can be dealt with on the same day if an appointment is made to ensure that we'll have space for you. If you have any specific needs, let us know so we can do our best to accommodate your schedule. You can feel confident knowing our experienced and knowledgeable staff will do everything in our power to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible!
Need financial assistance getting your car repaired to pass smog check? Ask us about the consumer assistance program!

Proper maintenance is important for ensuring that your vehicle continues to run in a safe and efficient manner. No one wants to be in a 'situation', so let our friendly and professional staff assess the needs of your vehicle!

Engine repair and replacement
Sometimes bad things happen to the cars we love, from head gasket replacement to full blown engine replacement; Our professional staff has the experience and tools you need to get your car back in optimal driving condition.

Transmission Services
When you start to have transmission problems, that's not the time to ignore the problem! Proper servicing of a transmission will prevent it from deteriorating as quickly, and can put off costly repairs. Let us take care of your transmission problems before it becomes a real problem.
Nobody likes real problems.

Electrical Diagnosis
Electrical diagnosis can be some of the most difficult jobs to diagnose properly, with nuances and complexities that makes many people not want to even get involved with it. This is not true at Auto Row Smog. Our ASE certified Master Automotive Technician is an electrical specialist, and will address your issues in a timely and efficient manner.